Feature Tutorial

Building Projects

After completing the previous steps, you can use "Build Project" in the menu to generate the static files of this project. You will get a folder named build_############## which contains all the static files, and the content should be the same as the example file we've seen previously.

Because we used absolute urls in this project, it needs to be on a web server to work correctly, even the static files. If you can't create a server environment, you can use's built-in web server. Just use to watch the output folder and you can check the results in your browser.

If you need to pass your end-products to someone else who can't create a server environment and doesn't have, you can legally copy your for them because uses GPL license.

If you really need to generate static pages with relative urls, you have to adjust every url manually. And, if you use any compass helper which is related to image-url() in the Sass file, be sure to check "Sass" > "Relative Assets" in the "Change Options" panel, then it will use relative urls in the output CSS files.