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Sass + Compass

Love Sass/Compass but hate command line interface? Fire.app has first class Sass/Compass support just like our Compass.app. No more vendor CSS prefixes and hand-crafting sprite images!

Template languages

Haml/Slim/ERB/Markdown formats are supported as the content templating engine. Layouts, partials, and helpers can all be written in different format that fits the best for faster design.


Javascript is great, CoffeeScript is awesome. Enjoy writing CoffeeScript? Fire.app compiles it, back to back.

Auto Refresh

Changes in your project are monitored and instantly trigger browsers to refresh the page automatically. It works for Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari as well as mobile browsers on iOS and Android devices.

Build Project

Projects can be built to produce static HTML/Javascript/CSS files with single click, while you can enjoy writing dynamic ERB/CoffeeScript/Sass languages that boost your performance.


Fire.app works on Mac, Linux, and Windows platform. The installation process is as easy as clicking and dragging.



Wallpaper (designed by Mitchell Pash)


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